Looking into the nanoworld

We use STM to probe the fundamental physical and chemical phenomena and properties of the nanoscale world. Our main targets are organic molecules. The concept of using single molecules as components for future electronic, optic, magnetic and mechanic devices is well-established now. However, many fundamental questions are yet to be answered and challenges to be overcome.

At HKUST, we study single molecules as well as supramolecular systems :

A. Characterize electronic structure and charge transport mechanism of single conjugated molecules. (an example)

B. Develop multiple-component supramolecular self-assembly methods in aim of fabricating 2D nanostructures with pre-designed structures – To achieve this goal we study the underlying coordination self-assembly at the single-molecule level using STM techniques.

Surface-assisted coordination assembly

C.  Investigate the physical (electronic, magnetic, optic) properties of the 2D supramolecular systems

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